Ammunition Expert Experienced EXPERT WITNESS and CONSULTANT

Malfunction Investigation Expert

Military ordnance Expert and Expert Witness

Ammunition Expert and Expert Witness

Munitions Expert and Expert Witness

* Project and Team Leader for 38 years at the Army Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, working with the many engineering and scientific disciplines required to design, develop, manufacture, field, and maintain Dept. of the Army conventional ammunition, with emphasis on Malfunction Investigations.


* Ammunition Expert in a broad range of Army conventional ordnance, both lethal and non-lethal, used all over the world by all services, as well as foreign countries.


* Certifiable expert at investigating and resolving Ammunition Malfunctions, having successfully conducted hundreds of malfunction investigations, both in the U.S. and in foreign countries, that have saved soldier's lives and salvaged millions of rounds of ammunition that otherwise would have had to been destroyed.


* Broad and thorough technical knowledge of military ammunition items, as well as related aspects such as TDP (Technical Data Packages), munitions manufacturing processes, Quality Control procedures and problems, military soldier training and combat doctrine, field logistical readiness ideology, demilitarization, Safety, and much more.


* Additionally served post-retirement from ARDEC for 6 years as Senior Technical Expert for the Dept. of the Army Project Manager's Office for Maneuver Ammunition Systems (2008 to 2014) for Small Caliber, Medium Caliber, and Tank Ammunition.

* Excellent writing, speaking, and cognitive skills to go with extensive knowledge (technical and corporate) on a wide array of ammunition and ammunition issues.


* Initiated Expert Witness and Ammunition Consulting Service in 2003, and has successfully provided technical consultant and expert witness services to military, legal, private, and corporate clients, both in the United States and Oversea foreign countries. Activities range from the largest corporations and manufacturers of ammunition, defending themselves from multi-million dollar lawsuits, to private individuals with ammunition and explosives legal or technical problems, both plaintiff and defendant, on a variety of ammo.


* Demonstrated Expert Witness capabilities via cases that required giving Depositions, preparing Expert Witness papers/documents, preparing Technical papers and analyses for use in legal arguments, and being involved in actual trial as Expert Witness.